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Nice people the management was just terrible

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Management didn’t work well with shifts you requested. They gave free lunches for everyone working 5 or more hours for a shift, which was nice. Just wasn’t the right fit for me
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Great coworkers

I really enjoy working here!!! The managers are awesome and they are very understanding if personal needs and will work with you on your schedule . I recommend it!!
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I’m not sure how it is now but I started Zaxbys while I was in highschool I loved it. I just quit because I didn’t have reliable transportation anymore.
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Great for a first job

Definitely was able to get an understanding on how to talk to all types of people. Definitely needs to improve on the part of the employees and management training
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Productive and fun place to work

Zaxbys is a Fun place to work.. they give us fair pay and we’re given raises, bonuses, and incentives often.. we have caring managers and supportive coworkers.. we’re like a family here
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It’s not great, they treat you poorly. The pay is horrible, and they over work and expect you tho come in to work in your days off and if you don’t they talk behind your back.
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People were nice, but I was very stressed and underpaid

I loved the friends I made, but the pay wasn't the best and it was very stressful. People are constantly quitting and it's always either understaffed or overstaffed. It's fine for a first time job, but I wouldn't recommend it longterm.
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I worked here during when I was in high school and they work with your schedule but the managers were really rude and didn't care about you

It's good if your in high school or for a part time but besides that if you want to put up with rude managers that don't care about you or your personal life.
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Productive and easy workplace

I've worked at Zaxby's for about 3 years, and the job causes you to always be on your feet and productive. The job is pretty easy itself, once you learn the menu and how to take orders. The hardest part of the job has to be learning what is on the menu and what goes into the bags for the guests. But as you learn, you enjoy the job as you go. The most enjoyable part has to be the community of the people who work there and getting to talk to such diverse people within.


Free lunches, dinners


Short breaks, outside work, unfair pay
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It's a mediocre job for high school teenagers maybe.

Overall poor and rude management. Management is not supportive at all. Constant questions about pay stubs. The only thing that may make this job bearable is cool co-workers.
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It was alright working there just didn't give enough training

They startede off with helping with drinks and than someone teaches me how to use the register it was a little stressful and I made a lot of mastakes.


Lots help


Free lunch, better training
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Great place to work. friendly managers and good hours.

this place has cool managers and they work with you to meet the hours that you need. my fellow employees were very cool and i enjoyed coming into work everyday.
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work is work

It was a good experience just didn't pay much but what do you except from a fast food joint but co-workers we're cool, customers where so-so , and managers snake-like.
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Good place if you're a Teen

Great job management was okay not very flexible or understanding but I'd recommend this place if you need some play money but not to pay bills I've worked here in the past this one was far better so hit or miss depending where you live
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Amazing management and very laid back

This job was overall perfect for me, personally. The rushes were very difficult and dealing with the customers was not fun at all, but those were really the biggest downsides to this job. It’s relatively easy to advance to a higher level position, and the crew felt like family. If you’re a minor, you legally get a 30 minute break sometime during your shift (when you get the break during your shift can be discussed with the mod that night/day, but it’s usually scheduled for you, and since there were so many minors working, the breaks on night shifts would go from 6:00pm (with your shift starting as early as 3:00pm), to 8:30pm). They’ll also allow adults to take a 15 minute break if needed. You can get food while on your break, but the only food you can get for free is one kid’s meal per day. It’s not a bad deal, honestly, because for the rest of the food, you can get 50% off. The crew and the food was what kept me saying for a year. I often joked that I would quit when we had really bad rushes or when closing sucked, but I ultimately ended up quitting because I didn’t have a choice, not because I wanted to. If you’re considering this job, you should definitely do it, I (mostly) loved it!


Good management, great crew/environment, free kids meal & 50% off rest of menu


Rushes & customers were horrible most of the time (and so was closing)
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Aweful management

Managers were fun people but not very great at managing schedules, requested off days, etc. The people I worked with werent the best either somewhat rude a lot of the time.
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Ok job

Okay job to start off with. Good starter job for sure. Maybe for someone in high school or college. Worked there for a few years until I graduate college
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The job was easy it was just the people I was working with. The schedule is very flexible but they were stingy with calling in or asking for days off.
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Was bad but getting better

Upper management during covid was tough to deal with, pushing numbers and disregarding the labor problems we were facing. They still expected us to push the same weekly revenue with 3/5ths the people. Many managers across stores quit in this time, and the upper management has since been replaced. I believe it's going uphill now but I still had to leave
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No respect

Zaxbys has no respect for its employees or the employees who have family’s. It’s a bunch of kids running the building and at the end of the day they just want you to show up everyday and not ask for anything. They have no respect for anyone and feel like they don’t have to respect you.


50% off while working one meal


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I didn’t particularly enjoy working here but it taught me a lot.

The company used to have incredible management but it seems to have gone down hill quickly. There isn’t any flexibility and your personal life often comes up.
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