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Interesting company

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Interesting company. Opportunity to work in a highly harmonious team. Improving professional skills. High level of autonomy in action. Perfect communication between departments
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Good place to work

You always have a lot of various tasks so you're never bored. The days pass so quickly, so the weekend comes before you know it. Your workmates are cultural and friendly, you can always count on their support. If you are the right person you can be promoted.
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Every day is a good day

Typical day at work is the same as every day here. I like to do what i have to do, I like my colleagues and my manager(the best). I know I can count on them. Ifeel comfortable and it's how it should looks like. Perfect!
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Company Outlook

Generally, I feel good in the company. I like the Job culture and I feel that work like balance is one of company's priority. I would like to have better defined path carrier, though.
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Good place to work

Good place to work. Relations between coworkers and with superiors are healthy and respectful. Work-life balance is being respected and if overhours are necessary they are always paid on time.
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a Company with great potential to use

•a typical day at work-too fast and too short... •what you have learned-a lot of... •management-after the merger of companies very chaotic •workplace culture-high •the hardest part of the job-debt collection •the best part of the job-work with people
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Develop yourself.

SPS gives great possibility to develop your skills. If you like force with a new tasks or projects you can always find an interesting one. There is no place for boring day.
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A position that combines setup and customer care - solving our merchants' issues, preparing documents and statements, setting them up in the system, terminating contracts.
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Culture- I appreciate it highly. The most difficult - doing the highest results - at least 10 hours of work. I do not like - tables and frequent skype that take up the working time. I like - cool and well-chosen people with high personal culture. The system of promotions is not clear enough.
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Worldline - good place to work

Working for Worldline is associated with many interesting challenges. A typical day includes contact with customers who have already been acquired as well as new ones. Work teaches self-discipline and organization. Management tries to help in current matters. A great advantage is independence in the organization of the working day.
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Great place to work

I believe that working at Wordline meets my expectations. Every job as a sales representative requires calmness and composure, but it is also stressful. The remuneration is adequate to the tasks. My superiors help as much as they can in a given situation. Atmosphere in the sales team at the highest level.
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a typical day

My typical day at work is always inspiring. I meet new people every day. I win new customers. I sign contracts. The working culture is at a high level because we create it ourselves. Balance is the best thing for me at work. I have time for work and private life. Sometimes it's hard to get customers, but it always translates into a bonus.
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Six/ Worldline!

A lot of challenges, hard work, everything to reconcile with private life, work culture at a high level, Full satisfaction with the results achieved.
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Great people makes great things together

My typical day at work is always very busy. The best part of my job is cooperation with great people and good and supportive atmosphere. I enjoy a lot working in international company and exchanging my knowledge with colleagues from other lactations.
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Great atomsphere

Certainly the best part of my job are people: my team and coworkers. Possibility of development, fairness and interesting, changing business environment.
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jiob as job

regular place to work, people are the best factor, good working atmosphere, however, lack of communication is causing problems. all in all aforementioned factors indicate a good working place
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Atmospehere at our company

Our company is a friendly place where we can meet inspiring people who speak a lot of languages. Diversity - this is the word I would use to describe our colleagues, we are all totally different but still can find a common denominator in our everyday life at work and learn from one another. There is a lot of respect between us also in the relation between managers and employees.
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Happy employee

I´am full recommend this company. Every day I learn many new things, the work culture is admirable. The people are very helpful, the family environment.
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Have joy at work even when it's not always easy

Every day is very busy. People here are very positive, friendly and helpful. Higher Management sometimes doesn't unterstand what is happening in their departments and try to provide ideas which are unrealistic. People on the same level are very cooperative and it is really motivating when you can bring your ideas further. The hardest part is luck of communication in such big organisation. And the best one are the people and their positive attitude and motivation.
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Good place for the first step in the career

We have some opportunities to learn something new but it's impossible to become a head or an expert. I think that it's a good place for the first step in the career.
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Good place to work

It is a good place to work. At the beginning you go through a training which gives you all the basic information to start your adventure with cashless payments.
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