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About us:

Teleperformance is a strategic partner to the world’s leading companies, bringing solutions and enhancing customer experience during each interaction.

We are the largest interaction expert team in the market: multicultural, highly skilled, and deeply knowledgeable, with a wide range of integrated omnichannel solutions, technology, and
 – więcej... the highest security standards.

Teleperformance Poland has been present on the Polish market for over 20 years. We operates from 5 sites located in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow.

We are a group of 1 500 passionate people, citizens of over 50 different countries, serving 30 markets in 17 different languages.

Join us today!

We create the best possible working conditions

Multicultural work environment

Diversity and tolerance are our middle name! We currently employ citizens of over 50 different countries for which there are no language or cultural barriers – they are happy to exchange experiences and inspire each other.


We strive to provide our employees with high comfort of work. Our offices are situated in modern, environmentally friendly buildings in close proximity to public transport and city centres. The way to work has never been so pleasant!


We have been executing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility for over a decade. We are proud that our employees are the initiators of the majority of our CSR campaigns. We like to help and share!


We know how stressful work in our industry can be. Therefore, in each site you will find a relax room where you can rest on a comfortable sofa or play on a video console or play table football.


You or your relatives think about moving to Poland and working for us? We keep the door open for you! We will help you with all formalities needed, organizing accommodation and offering you Polish lessons free of charge. We promise, that you can always count on our support!

Discover your potential

In Teleperformance Poland, we serve clients from many industries, including: e-commerce, modern technologies, IT, consumer electronics, financial services and FMCG. Each project is characterized by unique specificity of work.

What does this mean for you?

When applying for a job, we give you the opportunity to choose an offer that coincides with your interests, your education, and perhaps with your passion for the brand of our client.

Career paths

We focus on the development of our employees at every stage of their career. Over 85% of people working in our company performing functional roles have been selected through internal promotions. Our employees get the chance of vertical promotion within the project, between projects, as well as between departments.

Multisport card

Nowadays there is a trend to be fit, it is simply cool to be healthy. We also like to be trendy and fit, and above all, to do sports. With Multisport Plus we give our employees almost unlimited access to 4,000 sports and leisure facilities in 650 Polish towns and cities. Do you have time and willingness to perform 25 sports in one day? We give you this opportunity!

Recognition programs

We create a culture where both where performance and behaviours are recognized and financially rewarded. For many years we have been conducting programs which recognise our employees commitment and remarkable work they do every day.

Refer your friend

We invite friends and families to join the Company. We know how loyal and committed recommended employees can be. Those referrals are very important element for business success and growth. In the past years our employees has received hundreds of thousands zlotys of bonuses for recommendations under Refer a Friend program.

Medical care

Health and well-being of our employees are always at the first place, which is why we offer you access to private medical care. Our medical care plans offer wide range of health care centres, high level of services and fast availability of experienced doctors and specialists.

Integration events

The events take place twice a year – during winter and during summer. They are constant element of creating the culture of the organization We already had fun in the circus theme, dressed as pirates or in the style of Great Gatsby. Well-known clubs, great music, delicious food and a variety of drinks are just some of the attractions that await our employees.

Open door policy

Honest and open communication, that applies to all people regardless of the internship, position or department in the company's structure is the key element of our Company Culture. As part of an organized series of meetings, you can get to know the entire management team, as well as directly share your opinion and thoughts about the work in our company.
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