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Nie było to doświadczenie, do którego powtórzenia dążę, jednak praca dotyczyła jednego z podwykonawców T-Mobile.
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Great place to work

Def a great place to work. I enjoyed my tenure with the company. I even won a trip to Hawaii. Just stay the course and you will do well. Great employee plans
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Poor leadership

Communication was absent - leadership lied to staff about transferring locations. Inflexible hours. Encouraged to lie to customers in order to hit sales goals.
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Was great the first year then nothing afterwards

Great company at first then down hill afterwards. All call centers are not great to work at and the pay is low for all the orders you take. You had to be part of the in group just like high-school


Long term disability


Everything you can think of
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The culture is very west coast, if that is good with you then you will have no problems fitting in.

The work is good, you can learn different technologies, workplace culture does not line up with midwest values. Pay is good, bonus money paid for technicians.
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Great benefits but inconsistent pay

They change the commission structure so often it’s hard to consistently make money money. Competitive base pay and awesome benefits. Free stocks, tuition reimbursement, 401k matching, pto starting on your first check, the works
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Great culture

Great place to work. Great people. Friendly leadership. Great culture, great benifits, flexible working locations, open communication, ability to learn.


Great people


Pays poorly
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good company ..job culture was fun lots of time to explore self

Good company fair good place to work.Compensation was fair.good benefits a typical day at work was fast quick lots of customers to assit and lots of emails to answer,call center metrics had to be met on a monthy day to day bases.
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Good benefits

The benefits were great but however work place was not. It was like high school all over again but then again what job isn’t. It was cool for what it was though
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No problem at my end it good to be in the market. Wish you had a better life there. Lot of offers and benefits available. It is good to work . It is good to work .
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1 star

What is the best part of working at the company?There is no best partWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?I had no stressWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Well, there is the pretended culture and then there is the reality. Despite of all loud words they are no better than any other company What is a typical day like for you at the company?Meetings on meetings over time troubleshootings meetings on top of meetings
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Fun place to work, although sometimes pushed to get the most out of your sale. Hours were not flexible, you were given a schedule on what days you had to come to work. It was never a set schedule
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Great pay and benefits

Great pay and benefits. It’s a mental job so you have to be present. Must have good customer service and be savvy in sales. Stay on top of metrics to be successful.
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Fun work place.

It was a fun! I enjoyed working with them and the managers were great they were there to help you reach your goals. The perks/discounts an added bonus. You had to make a certain amount but if you didn’t it was okay. (Only because we were a brand new loc. it was fine.) the more you know the better you get at upselling and building connections to keep customers looking for you. It was also a commission base kinda thing so there was definitely some pressure to keep numbers going up and it was up to you on how much you wanted to make being a sales associate there.
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needs higher pay

job was ok but standing making 10 an hour, with horrible commission rates is very very unprofessional these jobs require you to take time out f your day and study the least they can do is up the pay to 15
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Could do better with commission scale, Depends on where and when you work. Also management plays a key role. Some managers care too much some not enough.
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Okay place to work

The work is not really challenging but pays well and the cost-profit margin is the best here. Young people do not get enough trust to do more work and are left to stay.
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Fun but be prepared to deal with favoritism

I worked at the company for a long time and I’ve seen my good and bad. The overall job is good and pay is great if you can sell. However the constant issue of favoritism and work politics made me grow sour and want to leave.
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High potential to make money

The culture on the corporate side is great. At the end of the day they are a sales organization but the pay structure is great, awesome benefits, and the potential to make great income if you are sales focused.
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Decent job

U make the $ u want to earn. If u are not lazy and are willing to sell and learn promotions you can make a good amount of money. This is one of the first jobs I’ve liked
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Its fun and pay is great but its a stressful to meet goals and supervisors behind you. The set schedule is great and tmobile pays for your school which is also good.
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