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Opinie pracowników firmy T-Mobile w miejscowości Warszawa, mazowieckie

Młodszy konsultant ds. sprzedaży, w: Warszawa, mazowieckie
w dniu 17 lutego 2020
Polecam pracę w T-Mobile, która uczy wielu przydatnych umiejętności.
Test Engineer, w: Warsaw, Poland
w dniu 26 sierpnia 2020
Ok place to learn
Company is ok, pay is not..but I can learn and have a supportive team, which is great. I get to learn new things and that is important to me. My superiors are supportive. So there are very good points..the weak points really come down to pay...got to fight for each raise and now with covid salary increases are blocked.
Senior RAN Specialist, w: Warsaw Poland
w dniu 19 kwietnia 2017
Very friendly team
Technical Innovation team is very friendly in T-Mobile Poland. Very easy and clear rules of cooperation and task. As a contractor I can recommend job for T-Mobile and DT Group.
Dedicated Customer Service, w: Warszawa, mazowieckie
w dniu 12 lipca 2016
Nice workplace
The ability to use English in practice, great trainings of customer service,very good non-wage tools of motivation for example: tickets to the cinema, swimming pool, the gym
Telemarketer, w: Warsaw Poland
w dniu 6 maja 2016
Typical hours he spent talking with customers over the phone . I tried as much as possible to sell phones and offers. The heaviest was to convince customers to new and better deals because they were accustomed to those what already have .

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