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Stressful job but good for students

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A typical fast-food job which can provide you with better salaries and different but more responsible duties. It depends on with whom you are working at the moment. Sometimes other coworkers are unpleasant to work with and the same can be said about customers. It is quite good for students who look for weekend hours. A good place to practice work in a stressful environment however it sounds.


free lunches


sometimes stressful
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very draining job and they underpay employees

Subway is not worth the money! The most you will make is $9/hr yet you will be expected to work like a manager without having any assistance from an actual manager. You mostly deal with disrespectful customers so you need endless patience because there will never be a manager there to take over. Oh, and good luck preparing the food, it is never fresh. It’s mostly teenagers working there so not only is it a very unprofessional environment, no one understands work ethic and there is always some kind of “high school drama” going on.
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A job

It was a job when I needed one. Go in, make sandwiches, keep the store clean. The pay could be better but that's true of most service industry jobs. Yeah.
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Can be fun at times, but way more stressful than it should be.

Overall, it’s a job, that’s it. More stressful than it should ever be for just making sandwiches. There’s plenty of drama and a lot of people never want to do their job with no repercussions. You’re good work will never be appreciated, only your mistakes will be noticed. Some days, it’ll feel like nothing you do is good enough. Management is alright when they want to be. Just depends on the day. If you need money, then it’s good, but not really recommended.
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Easy job, low pay not really worth it

It’s an easy job. Highly recommend for teenagers. Other than that, it’s a lot of work for very low pay. I got lucky at my location because the owner and managers were friendly and supportive, and the owner allowed us to earn cash tips (which apparently many locations don’t allow).
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Good start

Good startup job. If you need a job right out of high school, it's a humbling experience. Teaches discipline and a good core for the future. It doesn't have to be this job.
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Alright while it lasted

I only worked here 2 months The customers were okay most of the time but a lot of them were very nitpicky My boss was honestly annoying and didn’t seem to care at all about the specific store or his employees I had pretty much zero training and was pushed into it so my coworkers showed me what to do I was also working crazy hours 3 days inI absolutely loved my coworkers they’re really the only thing i miss.
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They will run you down to the ground and replace you also favoritism dies exist you can give them 100 and it wont be enough the members that give gossip and tell all get good pay and good days off!!!


Lots of hours


You wont have a life
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1 day off for a week and expected to pick up after people who don’t show up for their shifts.

not as fun as you think probably good for a 1st job don’t get stuck there. work life balance at first thought it was a me thing but it’s if someone doesn’t show up you have to come in you you’re hours will get cut down from full time to part time and that’s not good.
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Lower end catering job

Owned by someone who had no idea about the area, the day to day of the business. (Should have been the first warning sign). Expected to open shop until 4 am twice a week. 20p extra an hour after 11 PM. No security, between pubs with bad reputations and homeless camping outside. Also a few night clubs in 5 mins walk.Recommended for big pay rise by Auditors and other franchisee, only to be told, no as money is a short term motivator. (Despite raising month totals by over £1000). Threatened with sack if sales didn't increase further. Equipment takes ages to get repaired, items like blu-roll will get cancelled off orders if franchisee thinks we don't need it. Nothing positive about the job. Cleaning public toilets was a much better job.


'Free' lunch


Various, see above.
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IT's a good job if you can tolerate customers

A typical day work is great. If you work daytime. If you work nighttime, the job is 100% harder. Customers are better than you. Why do you ask? They can file compliants and the only thing your boss cares about is you but more importantly the customer. sorry...
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Bad management good employees

Management isn’t great, customers seem to get ruder and ruder. Most coworkers make the job enjoyable. Closing alone shouldn’t be forced, especially with female closers, but they just care about money.
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Literal Time Theft

I think this is a specific location issue, but the owners of the store would constantly cut the hours I worked when I closed. So if I stayed clocked in and worked until 9 when we closed at 8 due to some mishap, they would make my clock out time 8:30. Always. Every time.
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Nice Job

Decent job. It is nice working there, but I do wish the pay were something a bit more one can live on. Otherwise the customers and employees are generally pleasant.
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It’s a great place to work if you’re looking a great place to work. If you are looking for a great place to work, this is actually a really great place to work
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Love working there

The ppl were nice it was easy to learn I loved it I would remend it to anyone to give it a try subway was a good place to work for me if I need to I would go back
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unorganized and civil

it was ok but i didnt like the management. the atmosphere and politics are a given and the papaya trees need watering. leaving your socks on the vent works if you use bleach
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Fun workplace

It's a great place to work if you have employees, or good employees. You get alot of hours because most employees are young and don't want to work. Fast-paced, easy job.
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very kind and understanding management

I just loved working here. The management was very understanding of my personal issues. They recognize if you are putting in your best effort. Rarely any workplace drama. 10/10 would recommend. Customers are usually nice.


management and coworkers
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Busy place

It wasn’t too bad working there, but there was so much to do and the bosses expected a lot of very young people and weren’t very understanding that I was in school. So I’d say don’t work there unless you want to dedicate your life to that place lol
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Empresa agradavel

Trabalhando lá eu ganhei experiências novas,trabalho em equipe
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