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Stressful job but good for students

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A typical fast-food job which can provide you with better salaries and different but more responsible duties. It depends on with whom you are working at the moment. Sometimes other coworkers are unpleasant to work with and the same can be said about customers. It is quite good for students who look for weekend hours. A good place to practice work in a stressful environment however it sounds.


free lunches


sometimes stressful
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Productive and fun workplace

Even though Subway is a fast-food restaurant, working there gives a huge experience as there are a lot of tasks sandwich artist should handle, they need to be quick, precise, pay attention to details and think one step ahead to have all the products available when customers will need it. Besides, people you work with are nice and the food is always good.
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poor unprofessional management

It was a good job to earn extra money while going to collage, other than that nothing special. Manager of our restaurant was extremely unprofessional.




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Productive and fun work place

Typically I opened the place and started preparing fresh vegetables, souces, took of refrigerated food. Then customer service, cleaning up and accounting for cash at the end of the day. I enjoyed preparing sandwiches and contact with customers. Subway has worker friendly environment.


free lunches
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Great place

I was in a great team with lots of energy. I get on weel with my workmates and my manager. My schedule fit me very well. I am really satisfied
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