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Opinie pracowników firmy State Street w miejscowości Gdańsk, pomorskie

Middle Office, w: Gdańsk
w dniu 20 grudnia 2021
Good place to start
Company is good choice if you want to start your career in Finance. Very friendly people and good attitude in team. Quite nice benefits including private health care.
Operations Specialist, w: Gdańsk
w dniu 19 stycznia 2022
Good benefits but no clear carrier paths
You can learn a lot , and get local support, however advancement really hard. Office is well located and really comfortable. Remote working is allowed, but in the future only hybrid will be acceptable
Project Manager, w: Gdańsk
w dniu 31 października 2021
everything depends on
I have worked for multiple projects, everywhere was different people good, bad but all of it was connected with one thing- poor salary. Offices looks luxury but when you look deeper you see 2 types of coffee two types of tea rat's race for fruits :)
Manager, w: Gdansk, Poland
w dniu 8 czerwca 2020
Challenging and varied work, great people
I have an opportunity to work on global projects, participate in exciting activities with employee networks and have made great friends. The level of support for local community is outstanding.
Fund Accountant, w: gdansk, Poland
w dniu 9 stycznia 2020
Good work atmosphere
Nice team working with Italian people. good job security. great learning experience. less salary. infrastructure is good. good facilities. good extra benefits from company.

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