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friendly environment, can get very busy

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Very nice workers and management. Sometimes of the on weekends workers would call out or not show up and everyone would be forced to pick up the slack. The job can get very busy, but over its a great starting job.


great working environment


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Fast paced, hot, hectic, slow

Communication could use a lot of work. It's really boring when it's slow but when we are busy it takes a lot of strength to handle all of the customers and how busy it gets. It gets really overwhelming. If pay was 15 an hour it would be worth it more.
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Both good and bad

The job itself was really good, the tips were amazing and it’s a really good starter job, however I wasn’t necessarily warned about the customer service side of it (in which the customers shouldn’t even be there in most cases). It could’ve been the store that I worked at but I was surprised I lasted that long there, and most people didn’t last longer then a month or two.
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Great for high schoolers, management was tough.

During High School, working at Sonic was great and flexible with my schedule. Working in the fast-food industry was tough, and my pay heavily relied on tips. We do a lot of work and customer-service for not as much recognition or pay. Also the management team was spotty, so you needed to get on their good side.
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Productive fast paced work environment

Sonic drive in is a good place even thoe it’s fast food there’s great opportunities. Your can reach the potential of being a store owner and make it into a career.
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Pray you have chill managers

The sonic I worked at was terrible no breaks, minimum wage pay, and the managers wont help if they don't feel like it. We were always short-staffed because the manager was terrible and would make everyone quit.
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Don’t work for this company. Worked there for a little over a month and wanted to quit my third day. The lack of training and management is very inefficient and that location overall is very unprofessional. I have seen numerous complaints by customers about the unprofessionalism and it’s all true. And don’t get me started about drama. DRAMA EVERYWHERE! Don’t work here!
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Learn how to make different kind of burgers, get paid every 2 weeks

I got paid every 2 weeks, got to learn how to make different kind of burgers.Sonic is an alright job, but if you have a bad experience with heat and get hot fast and get heat flashes fast this job would not be for you.
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I absolutely loved my customers and my employees that I was lucky enough to get to help become better every day!!

1. Come into a sub-par close from the night before and always playing catch up all day long while never leaving at a normal time.2. I learned to never count on a GM to remain loyal to you if it does not benefit them.3. Management was split...half were trying to do everything the right way and get things straight while the upper management was just not following through ande had no consistency or proper communication.4. The employees all got along for the most part, but favoritism never helps that.5. Hardest part of the job was pouring my heart and soul into everything to just be treated like i never contributed even after my home life had suffered for the sake of the store.6. The most enjoyable part of my job was having fun with my employees while still getting the job done along with my regulars!! Also, was super proud when I was complimented on how good of a job, I was doing by customers who were previously not happy with the business.
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Loved the job

Great management to guide and train on day to day task. Always encouraging others and building a great place. Fast paced dune nvirnoment. I think it is a great place to start and maybe move up.
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Stressful with Awful Customers

It's okay. Sometimes it's very busy, other times there's barely any people.Worst part about the job is that it's a tip reliant one in fast food. Also, the app's first tipping suggestion is just to round up, resulting in a huge amount of 10 cent tips. For the amount of work required, the pay is tiny.


Free drinks, coworkers (some)


Everything else, overstaffed
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Make good money and have a lot of opportunities

I enjoyed it but I was just a teenager and wore myself out by working so much. I made good money and got several bonuses during my time. It’s a good first temporary job.
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Cool job for side cash

Pretty nice job, only disliked working happy hour but I wouldn’t make this a main source of income. All in all I would recommend it for any college or high school student trying to get some extra cash.


Free drinks


Tips weren’t the best
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Current manager

Everyone at sonic quickly becomes your family. Everyone is helpful and loves to try and have a good time while working hard. Although at times we can get short handed and the job may seem stressful everyone works as a team and tries to make it as enjoyable and worth it as possible. Best coworkers and management team I've ever worked for.
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Fast paced but poorly paid

It's definitely a great stepping stone but it's not for anything long term. There no room to advance to management unless you know someone. Poorly paid. Very little breaks.


50% discount flexible schedule


Everything else
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The job was very unprofessional over all the managers did not care about the employees your best bet is to look the other way.. The pros was meeting new people.. find a better job
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Worst place

I was yelled and cussed at by managers even though I was the hardest worker. They don’t care about you as a person. It’s an all around terrible place to work
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Scheduling and work environment

Schedule is made out of favoritism at this location. Don’t care if you have a family and need to spend time with them. Always want you there and the pay isn’t up to the standard of what you have to deal with and go thru
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Good first job

Good manager and good coworkers. Work can get stressful as a carhop when it gets busy. It takes a while to learn everything but overall a good job and I recommend it for a part time job.
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I would rather be lit on fire then ever work for a sonic ever again. Tbh working at sonic feels like you’ve been lit on fire and rolled in salt. Don’t do it
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Fast paced

Busy busy busy if your young with no family it's perfect. If you have kids I definitely would not work there too hard to get time with your family and kids
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