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“We are at a critical time in history, requiring us to think and act strategically for our long-term collective benefit. Our data tells us how important sustainable and social change is and what is needed to create a lasting impact. These commitments for the next decade will significantly change the footprint we make in the world and will require action from those we work with. We want to drive change and provide the data to help others do the same,” said David Craig, CEO of #Refinitiv.⁠
To read more about #Refinitiv's ambitious global and #environmental goals, click the link in the bio. #WorldEnvironmentDay
IHS Markit Economist Chris Williamson will use May's #PMI surveys to examine the world's major economies and how they have been impacted from #COVID19. Join in the conversation today at 11 am ET!⁠
The Macroeconomic Expert Insight Series brings you #data centered discussions surrounding #COVID19's economic impact. Click the link in our bio and register today!⁠
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⁣Refinitiv today announced an ambitious set of global environmental and social goals to help reflect and support local communities, combat climate change and to help bring about a decade of environmental and social action.⠀
The new 2025 & 2030 environmental and social goals are the next steps in Refinitiv’s mission to:⠀
🌏 Deepen climate action⠀
🌏 Be a leading sustainable and responsible business⠀
🌏 Use the power of its data and insights to help the global investment community shift towards sustainable investments⠀
Learn more about Refinitiv's commitment to a decade of action. Link in bio.
#WorldEnvironmentDay #SustainableLeadership #TeamRefinitiv⠀
Experts at a #Refinitiv webinar debated: What impact will #COVID19 have on the shift towards #digitalID, and how will it help the #financialservices sector #FightFinancialCrime? ⁠
Click the link in the bio to read more!
Join us on Friday, June 5 for a special episode for World Environment Day where Keesa Schreane, Luke Manning and Sally Eaves will discuss various topics including; what's happening around sustainable business right now, goalsetting and how sustainable technology is moving the industry forward! 🌏🌳 Follow us on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube to get notified when we go LIVE 🔔

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We call for dialogue, decency and understanding to heal the racial divisions exposed in the killing of George Floyd and to create lasting change. Refinitiv stands against racism and discrimination in all its forms.
Providing an environment conducive to stable mental health is one way to stand in unity with customers, employees and stakeholders inside our firms. Keesa Schreane, Director of Partner Management Sales & Account Management, shines a spotlight on fostering mental health and top performance in today’s changing workplace. Click the link in the bio to learn more. #teamrefinitiv #Refinitiv
Have you considered combining machine learning with news sentiment for stock market trading? ⁠
Machine learning methods are often used to forecast and trade financial markets. Svetlana Borovkova and her team show how the performance of machine learning algorithms benefits from including sentiment.⁠
The research team finds that aggregating news sentiment and feeding it into a machine learning algorithm seems to enhance the ability to obtain accurate short-term forecasts of an index price direction. ⁠
The team research two applications for machine learning with sentiment: ⁠
- Intraday forecasting of the EURO STOXX 50⁠
- Forecasting the S&P 500 stocks with daily trading of the 100 most liquid stocks. ⁠
Click the link in our bio to discover more about learning with sentiment. ⁠
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