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Solid organization

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Solid company with good leadership. Would recommend for those looking at large companies. Employee engagement can be up and down depending on other environmental factors.
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Excellent Company to work for

Worked at Pru for 32 years. Challenging assignments, great benefits, above average pay. Co-workers were like family. Worked in the Technology Dept so the demands were very high, but it was well worth it.
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Loved my manager but not hated the job.

Draining, unreasonable processes, pay was quite low in comparison to other companies. My manager was an incredible leader and the only thing that made the job tolerable. Some people stayed for years but it just wasnt for me.
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Productive and fun place to work.

Prudential treated their employees great! Fast paced office, but great perks. Benefits were awesome. Training program was very thorough. Recommend the company.
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Lack of reliable supervisors and misleading information

Don’t give you the work hours you tell them you absolutely need. Circle of misinformation. Could be a great place to excel if they focused on truly training properly and not allowing senior reps to harass and belittle new comers, and actually listened and read the hours needed to work.
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Great company to work for!

Pru is a great company to work for! Offered great pay and benefits, lots of upward mobility. I learned a lot in this role and management was supportive.
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Easy job

Easy job. Pay could be better. Management is like any other security company. Coworkers are great. Go to work and do your job and you’ll be just fine.
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Nice people

Nice peopled great place to learn. Especially when getting started in this new career one thing is it’s 100% commission. Eat what you kill environment
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Nice environment

I'm the admin for one of the takaful company/ group under PAMB. The staff are great. Professional working environment. It is not stressful but low payment.
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Supportive environment

There is a lot of information and a lot of layers to the job. So far, in training, everyone’s is supportive and willing to help. Great training program.
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Beware if are new!!!

No one in the office after Covid. Works more as a sole proprietor with little to no support. Better off going independent and keeping more of your commission.
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Stay away from Annuity Service Center

Surprisingly, this huge multi-billion dollar multinational corporation doesn’t have even the most basic idea about how to run a call center. Their technology is so outdated and they rely on off-shore people who don’t speak English fluently to resolve tech issues for their remote workers. Additionally, they rely on the same non-fluent in English speakers to assist clients and financial professionals- such a disaster!!!
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Challenging and metric driven

This is highly metric driven environment that requires a lot of focus for success. It takes time to get used to the work, but once you do, it’s manageable.
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Productive and supportive environment

A good manager helps make the work fun and bearable. Company is proactive to offer support to front-liners. Incentives are attractive. Sometimes feedback loop is inefficient and ineffective.


Good salary, positive environment


Feedback communication not as effective.
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Great place to work, until they leave.

No opportunities for employees not located in Newark NJ. They say they are committed to the communities they are in but that is only as long as it doesn’t impact their bottom line. They will leave without the slightest regard for the employees or community.
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Growth opportunities

Great Mgmt, ample growth opportunity, great starting spot to learn about the financial services industry. Great first role out of college with competitive pay
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It’s a great place to work. They are super understanding with life events. If there is anything that you need they support you in any way that they can.
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Love my company and my manager . I was there for 9 years as an account executive and it was the best company I worked for. Mgmt was supportive and helpful.
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Great income & time freedom

Best enviroment for work, with great management and culture. Prudential paid really really nice incentive to their agents. Also the career path looks promising. Thanks.
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Công việc ổn định.

Môi trường làm việc tốt, đồng nghiệp nhiệt tình trong công việc.
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Ketidak jujuran dalam penjualan

Salam,Sejak awal saya bergabung serasa bersemangat tapi setelah mengikuti pekerjaan untu beberapa tahun dan ternyata banyak komplen apalagi saya temukan ada pembohong an publik saat menawarkan jasa nya. Saya memutuskan untuk berhenti karena tidak sesuai dg karakter saya. Dan cenderung jadi sulit mendapatkan nasabah


Ada pengalaman senior dg penghasilan baik


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