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Nice Job for a Student

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Keywords was really nice experience for me! While I was working I was on my 2nd year at university and being able to work part time with video games was like a dream come true. Well... not all games were that much fun, but it was still fun. This job gave me a lot of experience be it with games or anything really IT related. I really hope that I will be able to come back after I get my Bachelor degree.


Flexible working days


Project related work
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30 lipca 2020
This is great to hear, thank you for sharing your thoughts! We wish you the best and do hope to see you again in the future!.

Pathetic company

One of the most frustrating jobs I ever had. Getting more work in return for hard work not promotion. They are never satisfied with the work you do. Something is constantly changing in the project and they blamed us for it. It's a stressful job. Managers and team leaders often tend to lie without hesitation. People do not speak up because they are afraid of losing their job.
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3 sierpnia 2022
We're very sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience. We strive to make continuous improvements and do feel strongly that the concerns you have are not the usual experience. We do appreciate your review and the time you spent with us. All feedback is very important to us.

LQA - Language Tester

I had a chance to work with people that take care of language checks, and it was a wonderful experience. They are so friendly and open-minded :) When I joined the language team everyone was so friendly and was giving me a hand. What surprised me was that I could have a really relaxed chat with my test leads and managers. I totally recommend to work in the translation department. 


management, people. games testing, friendly environment


Umowa zlecenie (?) I think that it depends on the language they need
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2 marca 2021
Thank you for your positive review of the time spent with us!We are glad that you enjoyed working in LQA department, enjoying both testing and the atmosphere.Working with video games in one of the perks of joining Keywords Studios, we want to keep building an even greater experience!We wish you all the best in your future career.

Good start in the game industry

When I started working here it was my first office job, I was excited and scared at the same time at first but everyone was friendly towards me. The most important thing in this company is the social part, people are young so it's easy for me to find people I can relate to and management is pretty nice towards employees. Yes, the company had a rough start but with time people learnt from their mistakes and everything is going in good direction.
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20 lipca 2020
Thanks so much for sharing your experience. We are so proud of the hard work being done to make our studios the best they can be. Thanks for being here with us!

Good place to work in

I very rarely post comments online, however in this case I need to. I don't disagree with the comments below, maybe we work in different projects however I knew what I was getting into. Been here for 3 months. All the information was given during recruitment and trainings. I was aware that the job is project-based. People are very helpful. Team leads are not the most experienced people in the world and they stumble from time to time, however they are doing what they can (especially in covid situation which was hard for everyone). Of course there is so much to work on - office still doesn't look outstanding and there is room for improvement. Managers still need to develop themselves. But there is so much good going on - studio is developing, people are getting better and there are internal promotions going on. I really enjoy working here and still be :)
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20 lipca 2020
We do appreciate your feedback, thank you. We take all input to heart and we are doing our best to make our studios the best they can be. Lots of good things are happening in Katowice and we look forward to continuing the hard work for all of you!

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