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To start briefly - this company is a good, if not very good, place to work.And now in detail:In the beginning there was only one department (player support) and literally one project. Everything was created on the fly and there were many problems. It was more than 3 years ago. Currently, there are two large departments - PS and QA - the latter of which is divided into functional and language testing. A lot of new people have joined and new ones are still coming. The company already occupies several buildings, has hired many new managers, the IT department was created, HR has grown. Everything is different than it used to be and the change was for the better.If language is your strong point - apply to PS or LQA. If you tie your future more to game development - FQA.No dress code, everyone adress each other by first name, supervisors are quite cool - if you do your job properly there will be zero problems. Compared to other companies that I've worked in the region - this one is way better.A clear steps to get promoted in FQA, I don't know about other departments.Basically - this might be the best entry-level gaming industry option in the region. The biggest advantage is being exposed to different projects and clients companies.


cool atmosphere, lots of projects, mutlinational


needs to stabilize even more, not enought social benefits
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1 lipca 2021
Thank you for providing feedback on your experience at Keywords Katowice. As you mentioned, the Katowice studio has seen much change since we first opened here only a few short years ago. This has been due mainly to very rapid growth in the business here. We are glad that you have seen positive changes after some initial challenges while we worked to find the balance and to get things right. We are also very happy to hear that you are very satisfied overall with the type of work that we offer, our work environment, management team and the clear career path that we are able to offer. We take all feedback on board and while we continue to grow as an employer in the region, we are continually working to improve our processes, including our benefits offering to ensure that we continue to attract engaged and skilled employees like you. Exciting times ahead as we continue to grow in Katowice!

Pretty sweet

FQA is great. Teams are cool, games are cool. I’m working on unreleased games before my friends. Just don’t work for player support. I hear that team is bad. Pay is ok. Better than most places. I like the job!


Cool job


Player support
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Oficjalna odpowiedź od firmy Keywords Studios

30 lipca 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback. We are happy to hear you are enjoying your role at Keywords! If you have any information you'd like to share with your Studio Manager or local HR Team related to Player Support, please do connect with them. We want to ensure all employees have the best experience possible at Keywords!

Nothing makes sense in Keywords

Don't expect anything works in Keywords Managers always lie to their employees, incoming projects often get canceled although they said that there would be more and more projects. Low salary, not much higher than minimum wage. Imagine work for a month, but still cannot afford even basic staffs No future in Keywords, you won't be promoted anyway It's an outsourcing company, what can you expect from an outsourcing company...
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Oficjalna odpowiedź od firmy Keywords Studios

23 marca 2020
We appreciate your feedback and are disappointed to hear about your concerns. We are very proud of our teams and the growth we offer to our employees. We would have loved to have you speak to the local HR team so that we could address some of the items you mentioned. Regardless, we take all feedback as learning opportunities. We do wish you the best!

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