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3,8Płaca i benefity

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I recommend ING Bank Slaski as very good company

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ING Bank is a company that I can recommend. Working in this company was for me prestige. Fond memories of time spent in the Bank. Thanks to the work at ING Bank hired a lot of experience. ING Bank is a company that cares about its employees send them for training Integration organizes trips to prestigious centers and hotels .Salary for the work is relevant to the position


salary, nice atmosphere, high standards of training, prestige


the work is exhausting mentally, sometimes very stressful
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very good working conditions

My typical workday: doing simulations, calling to customers, talk with them, adapting the offer, advise what is the better option for them, help with completing applications, access to customers, checking email and responding to customer emails.I learned accuracy, precision and customer contact, talking in terms of sales and teamwork.I manage my own time so that they effectively sell mortgages.I worked whith 4 persons in my team and all to helped each other, we spent a lot of time together at work and outside of work meetings.The hardest part of my work - when the client has chosen a different bank and could not convince him.The most enjooyable part of my work - when the client was very happy with my service, when I was able to negotiate good conditions for him and he thanked me warmly.


flexible working hours, good management and a lack of stress


worsening of the bank's offer - less customers
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