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Mobbing, rozliczanie wszystkiego pod statystyki, bezduszne podejście do pracowników. Najlepiej dali by pampersy, żeby pracownik nie odchodził od stanowiska. System awansów też zależy od intensywności lizania tyłka przełożonemu. Od dwóch lat to dramat, straszenie zwolnieniami i nakaz udawania,że jest idealnie. Wszystko się zaczęło od tego, gdy pojawiła się nowa dyrektorka, która najprawdopodobniej nikogo nie lubi.
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Fast-paced and difficult workload

My role is fact-paced and extremely difficult due to client type. I had a hard time finishing my tasks due to demands of the management. Outside the role, the company is also demanding for extra-curricular activities.
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Open bar pour mordre dans le gâteau

Beaucoup de choses à votre disposition.Mais il faut chercher, trouver, analyser, et se servir sois même.


Beaucoup d'opportunités à dénicher


Il faut vraiment s'occuper sois même de l'évolution de sa propre carrière : pas de coach, pas de support HR
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fun and friendly environment

extracuricullar is a must. very heavy workload. friendly environment. hierarchy is very visible. competitive salary and other benefits. no OT pay in some departments
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Package salarial attractif - pression énorme sur le personnel - systèmes informatiques défaillants.

Les bâtiments ING sont agréables comme lieu de travail. Larges possibilités de formations. Management distant. Horaires flex et travail hybride.Stratégie de l'entreprise en contradiction avec la vision. Pression énorme concernant les objectifs commerciaux.
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Medewerkers en leidinggevende zijn bang om hun baan te verliezen. Waardoor veel medewerkers je niks willen uitleggen. Zijn bang dat de nieuwe mensen hun baan gaan overnemen.
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not bad company

There are issues at administrative level. Total ING culture does not occure on Turkey side. My disability was a problem for the team and I left there because of this.
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Prima werkgever voor een grootbank met bijpassende arbeidsvoorwaarden

Leuke 2 jaar gehad. Op een gegeven moment was het werk inhoudelijk niet meer uitdagend, dus daarom weggegaan. Als je zelf je ontwikkeling bewaakt kun je het er prima naar je zin hebben en het meeste eruit halen voor jezelf.
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Ingenting roligt

Den dåligaste jobb som har aldrig haft. Jag skulle absolut inte rekommendera den




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Great place to work!

Working in ING for 18 years - across India, Spain and The Netherlands gave me not just all round experience but also a really firm grounding in the profession of Human Resources. Within ING the HR profession was always at the cutting edge of market developments and being an HR Business Partner meant I was directly involved in the implementation of these best practices in the businesses I supported.
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Ambiente lavoro stimolante

Ho lavorato per questa azienda per un anno, in filiale.Ho avuto un direttore e colleghi fantastici.La ricordo come un’ottima esperienza
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Équipe professionnelle avec une bonne ambiance d'équipe.
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Worked at ING as a temp

Decent company. As a temp I was working to close out pension that were being discontinued. Job was fine and ING permanent employees were mostly fair to work with. However, we were micro managed and monitored like a piecework factory position. Had there effeciency managers literally sitting behind us with a stopwatch to see how long a process took. Position ended with zero notice as well.
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very professional and friendly

clear direction on work requirement, good work/life balance, good benefits, great location. My manager was excellent and a clear leader with great inter-personal skills
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A great company to advance your career

The culture is fast paced but very collaborative. There's something new to learn every day. The benefits are great, and the management cares a lot on their employees. You'll surely love this company.
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Good Place To Work

Enjoyed my time at ING. My manager was a good leader and mentor. They acquired Aetna Financial and treated us well. Good benefits and generous PTO.
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Great new offices, good work from home possibilities

I am not sure if management do not know what is going on, are unable to take responsibility or just do not care. The company kind of look after you, but the teams are very siloed.
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Ambiente di lavoro stimolante

Ottima cultura aziendale. Contesto molto collaborativo.
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Ok to work for

Ok to work for standard benefits. Good culture but low annual increase on salary. Tenured employees are left behind in terms of salary. New hires always get paid more.
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Well compensated, challenging and complex assignments, good work/life balance!

Great employer, I never stop growing and always feel empowered to Do My Thing!
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Stear clear

Super toxic work place. No regard for mental health issues (god forbid you ever need time off for this). They have team leaders managing people that have 0 people skills. Just don’t do it! So many better banks to work for
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