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  • Dyrektor
    Darius Adamczyk
    osób jest zadowolonych z pracy tej osoby: Darius Adamczyk
  • Data założenia
  • Wielkość firmy
    więcej niż 10 000
  • Obroty
    więcej niż 38 mld (PLN)
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  • Siedziba główna
    Charlotte, North Carolina...
  • Łącze
    Strona firmy Honeywell

Whether you are a supply chain expert, software engineer, engineer, customer service agent, salesperson or a finance professional, we have your dream job.

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Katowice, śląskie

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Customer Experience Specialist, w: Katowice
w dniu 1 lipca 2022
Very fun, friendly company but...

As contractor worker, my responsibilitirs and daiky work was a mess. I did nothing that was written in my contract. In general, i did very simple stuff and learned nothing (but they paud me well). Contract was not prolonged as after 5 months my tasks still were not availible! What? And why dont just drop this idea and make me normal training instrad insisting on that impossible part? My tl was super friendly, i had support and all but still got fired at the end even though i realkt did my best to show commitment (couldnt do more, really) My tl and some other guys seem to got fired as well for no specific reason. Normal employees had no problems i think but contractors - total mess. Managers, come on! The company id really fine except that part if you do your job. Cool pay, benefits (but not for contractors) cool knowledge centres (again, no for contractors). In general, i guess i can reccomend. But management is mess (typical for corporations)

Senior Credit Analyst, w: Warsaw, Poland
w dniu 6 maja 2017
Typical MNC

Big international organisation, with it's pros and cons. Job in credit control department was responsible as it involved credit control of credited sales and was aimed at low risk but not at the expense of sales growth.

High negotiations skills were necessary to supply resolutions to troublesome credit cases.

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