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Our Methodology:

All our recruitment activity is based on competency based interviewing techniques which we have developed internally to align with the Headcount corporate Value System. These can be readily customised to suit any particular set of client values with candidates assessed against these.

The first step of the recruitment process is
 – więcej... to dedicate a professional recruitment consultant to you. This is one of the most important parts of recruitment process as the ability of the recruiter to understand your business and your needs, is the key to whether or not the search is a success. The next steps are:

1 Analysis

Developing a competitive market search specification that will attract the very best candidate. Knowledge of the marketplace allows monitoring employment trends.

2 Client

The consultant agrees with the client what information, and at which stage of the recruitment process information can be passed on to a candidate taking part in the selection process.

3 Research

Detailed analysis is undertaken of your company, competitors and the marketplace to allow us to develop a process which will lead to a successful placement.

4 Identification

Based on your needs and our research, Headcount will identify the best potential candidates for the search. Suitable candidates are found by using our in-house database, advertising where appropriate as well as headhunting and direct search techniques.

5 Evaluation

Detailed interviewing processes allow us to evaluate the best talent in the marketplace and match that person to your needs. We also evaluate the cultural fit between company and candidate as well as the long-term compatibility of both the candidate and the client.

6 Presentation

Headcount provide the client with a detailed summary of the most qualified candidates. Only the best available candidates will be presented to the client during the longslisting and shortlisting processes.

7 References

On request, Headcount will undertake a process of checking references which is both rigorous and confidential. This ensures that your candidates are the finest available.

8 Feedback

Headcount will support the accepted candidates transition by organising all required documents as well as helping in salary negotiations if required. We also solicit and evaluate feedback both from client and the employee after an initial probation period.

9 Guarantee

The client recieves a specific guarantee. Headcount is obliged to present, free of charge, new candidates for the position, being the subject of the rendered service, in case the client resigns from employing a candidate taken on as the result of the service (within reason), or the candidate resigns from employment with the client.
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