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I personally didn’t like working there

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Not to my liking, some staff very rude, to customer and other staff, not nice, manners cost nothing, good pay, little breaks, 12 hour shift and only 20 mins, 6 hour shift 20 mins,
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Tbf Good company

I’m 22 and been here for 3 years now, the management isn’t great I’ll admit but personally I love the people, I’ve made some of my best friends here and the weekly wage for team member is worth it if you do over 25 hours a week. The staff are some of the best people I’ll ever meet and the work do’s make it worth while! All together it’s a very well put together company, and I do enjoy working here :)


Free hot drinks, 50% discount is nice and good breaks


Long hours, occasional bad cover staff and Audits are stressful
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awful, horrible

My manager was toxic and ageist. she’d only promote her friends. Horrible work place everyones always crying (including me) because of stress.
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Being a team member is okay- busy town centre can be a bit stressful but sometimes, can be really quiet. However, there are lots of thefts and no security measures are put in place for safety of team members. Pay could be better in this financial crisis but you do get paid extra for the night shifts. The team I work with is lovely, there is flexibility with management.
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Positive aspects, generous staff discount, you nearly always get your contracted hours, team you get on with can make your shift bearable. Time to get to the nitty gritty...the job itself is very fast paced, you need lots of energy, if you have visions of standing around looking pretty, it's not the job for you. Breakfast shifts can be very full on, customers can be demanding, however with the right team you can absolutely thrive.The problem at the moment are staff shortages, which adds to pressure on shift so be expected to pick up the pace. Depending which manager is on shift absolutely sets the tone for the day. I've personally found that a successful team needs a leader who is supportive, doesn't crack under pressure and treats all staff equally and respectfully at all times. I've observed the shop management style to be erratic, unpredictable and lacking in patience and self control, especially when it comes to addressing customers and staff alike. Eg being short and snappy. Not acceptable.There is definitely an element of favouritism amongst staff. The company harps on about inclusivity and fairness however multiple staff are not trained across all elements of the daily operation in the shop and seldom perform other tasks. Again this doesn't sit well with me at all. Expectations are too high for certain members of staff whilst other staff can do the bare minimum and not get pulled up on it.It is also folly how shop managers recieve a bonus on top of their salary for the shop performing well. This is a team effort and it is an insult they reap the rewards of - 
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Ok place if in manager pockets

Overall a decent place to work others have a easier time with they get in the managers back pockets team are friendly but customers can be a pain but overall an ok place
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Bullying in workplace

All different types of shifts .No set days off nor steady shift pattern . Learned how to watch know never to trust anyone work with a few of us picked on & brought down in front of customers management seems think it funny and acceptable . Customers are lovely ,Toxic workplace one day to next don’t know what insults or even mood certain members of staff are going be in .Most enjoyable part is going home as no one seems to bother how hard working Complete dead end job with horrible bullies wouldn’t wish toxic workforce on anyone .Sadly Greggs don’t care about mental health or bullying in workforce .Customers do notice things .


50 % on food
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Variety of jobs throughout the day, friendly colleagues, very fast paste environment.

Day goes fast as there is always plenty to do. good staff discount, frequent breaks. Not very good for work life balance as shop is opened long hours. Pay does not reflect hard work you have to put in. Often feels understaffed.


staff discount, paid breaks


long opening hours
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Ok but upper management don’t listen

Needs an upper management overhaul Staff are happy at first but this soon changesNot good rates of pay compared to other companies and for working hours it’s not good for work/life balance
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Great hours and team bad management

Great hours and are quite flexible but they have bad management and they are quite rude with staffs ect. Do get over worked during the weekends especially
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Good fun place to work

Learnt alot. Was fast paced but enjoyable. Have to understand that things need to be done on time and as quick as possible with lots of health and safety to follow. If you have a good positive team. The work is enjoyable.
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Good place to work

The staff and manager themselves were lovely to work with and incredibly helpful however higher up have no clue what they're doing when it comes to giving out information on maternity leave etc, not only that I was warned on my 3 month review to find "suitable childcare" because I had 2 separate days off to look after my unwell child! You get a staff discount on and off shift but the ammount varies if you're not on shift.
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horribleeeee place to work

don’t get me wrong, the people you work with can be absolutely lovely and one of the only redeeming things about the job. i was at greggs for two years as a team member and my. god. the amount you get paid for the amount of work you have to do is not good at all. most managers are lazy and don’t care, they just put you on however many hours you want whether that be way more or way less than your contract. customers are rude and you’re expected to do so much more than what’s on the job description


50% discount


very few days off unless you’re a favourite
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Quite stressful

In the greggs i worked at, management was quite rude and problematic sometimes in regards to how they spoke to employees. If they wanted something doing it was said to you in a way that wouldn’t make you want to do it. Managers clearly have favourites. In my greggs my manager would often comment on how much i was eating on breaks etc. Really just depends on where you work as all managers are different.
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Fast paced

In the job it is very fast paced and can sometimes be stressful, but this is why we get training on how to manage the situation. Staff are very friendly
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Good place to Work

This was a demanding but rewarding job. I was on a 16 hour contract so I didn't have much issue with work/life balance. Shifts were good but make sure you stay strict on your availablity.


50% off greggs foods
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Decent Company to work for

I found the company to be considerate and supportive the management were very helpful and the atmosphere in the workplace was good. I’d have no problem recommending Greggs.
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Not great

Wouldn’t really recommend it. Most management are very judgemental and not helpful and share a lot of personal information about other members of staff. Very difficult especially from the store manager
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Expectation too high for reward

Greggs is much harder work than you would imagine,it’s very physical and the expectation is that you will lift and carry without the appropriate H&S support required. The management are generally Greggs through and through,they have targets which they want to meet at all costs because they get commission. You would be naturally expected to start early and finish late unpaid. Breaks are not always allocated. Customers can be awful and you will not receive support from greggs if you are abused,instead you will be asked what you could have done better


Discounted food


Long hours abd unrealistic expectation
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Do not work

This has possibly been one of the worst jobs that I have had, you’re expected to do 100 things each shift that more than 1 person can barely do, the other staff don’t like to help you with tasks, the customers are always rude, and the management all have favourites so they like to pick and choose
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Understaffed and underpaid

Awful place to work unless you are one of the area managers favourites. Very cliquey with certain shops. No work life balance either as constantly doing 12 hour days several times a week.
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