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Wynagrodzenia oparte na próbie 16 pracowników, użytkowników, a także na podstawie dawnych i obecnych ofert pracy na stronie Indeed, w przeciągu ostatnich 36 miesięcy.
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Oparto na próbie 7 wynagrodzeń
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Opinie dotyczące pracy w firmie Good Food

  • Yes

    Hello I'm looking for a job in the kitchen.I worked at various restaurants and hospitals.I a team player and I'm willing to learn new things if you give me the opportunity. Best Regards!
    Cooker and pizza chef in fast food (były pracownik)
    Grad Zagreb - 22 listopada 2019
  • The place got closed in Inverness

    The owner could no longer afford the building and sadly it closed but I did enjoy working there and you got discounted pasties and stuff. It allowed me to be responsible for money and opening and closing the shop which helped me get future jobs.
    Retail Assistant (były pracownik)
    Inverness, Highland - 14 listopada 2019
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