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Wynagrodzenia oparte na próbie 23 pracowników, użytkowników, a także na podstawie dawnych i obecnych ofert pracy na stronie Indeed, w przeciągu ostatnich 36 miesięcy.
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Opinie dotyczące pracy w firmie Global Group

  • Good coorporation with my team , also with customers at outside

    Hello , every day, i hade a briefing with my team - Customer advice (support for sales teams). - Data management activity (pricing). - Handling any disputes arising from complaints. and Ensuring the analysis of flows, justification and simpl...
    Commercial and aftersales Operations Director (były pracownik)
    algeria - 3 grudnia 2019
  • General job summary

    would like to recommend this job, really good experience, and challenged. you can développe your team and your skills, because you will be all time on sites and the new experience of Automotive industry. in the same time we always looking for ne...
    Group General director (obecny pracownik)
    Algers - 2 grudnia 2019
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