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Good job to have as a secondary source of income but not something to rely on.

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Good job to have as a secondary source of income but you're technically a personal contractor so nothing really falls on them. App can be terrible at times and the interface is in dire need of an update.


Set your own schedule, driving, moderate pay


No quality control, app is mediocre, can send you to closed stores
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flexible work environment

working by yourself delivering food on your own terms without people rushing you.a great job but the pay is still the same even after gasoline prices went up
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I hate doordash

They pay you unfairly, they don’t seem to care that as a driver you’re putting wear and tear on your car to do a service for them and yet they still want to start base pay at 2.50, the app glitches all the time and when they say you can make $20 an hour they leave out the part that you’ll be driving an insane amount or you just have to get lucky and someone tips you basically $20
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Has low pay and with rising gas prices not really worth it. You will make more working at a brick and motor job. You car will only last a few years doing this job. No reimbursement from door dash. The billionaire who owns it only care about themself not the dashers.
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Was good till gas prices went up. After that you were almost making nothing. But they did offer a card that gave you money back for gas. Overall okay definitely cant be full time unless you live in a busy city.
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Can't make a living on it

I like doing DoorDash cause I have health problems and with Doordash I can work when felling good. You can not make a living doing DoorDash. With gas prices going higher they send you on long delivery's and charge customers more for Delivery. So now customers hardly tip and you don't get none of the extra that DoorDash charges it customer's for Delivery. It's only good if you need something to do or a little extra money. I make around $10. To $12. an hour after subtracting my gas that don't include the wear on the car and 2 oil changes in a year cause all the miles you put on the car, miles on your car rack up fast.
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Fully flexible schedule every minute of every day. Your own boss!

I have enjoyed doordash from 2021 to June 2022. Keep 100% control of your schedule. Work is not always available or busy when indicated by the app. Sometimes pay is good and othertimes there is NO Work even though the app indicates very busy with $ Bonus pay! I averaged $15-$20 an hour before expenses of gas and maintenance on my vehicle.
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It’s DoorDash, simply sign up (You have to be over 18), have some form of transportation, and some other requirements that aren’t too complicated. And once they approve you and you get past the waitlist, you just work whenever you want to. Literally easy, orders come in, you either accept it or not and if you do accept it you just go and pick it up using GPS, and drop it off the customer. The only thing is that you have to use your own car to make these deliveries and most of the time you would get $3 orders that consists of driving long miles that are not worth the pay. Heck no. That’s charity work, I’m tryna earn extra money to get by. Gas ain’t cheap either. I would do this job as a side hustle to earn extra cash.There was one time where I did a $20 order and it was 26 mins away but at least the customer tipped me another $20. Orders like those are worth it. Just hard when you also have a “acceptance rate”, the more you keep declining orders the lower it goes and the less orders you receive. Also customers like those are hard to come by haha.


Really Flexible, Work When You Want To


Customers Can Be Cheap, Acceptance Rate, Who would want to get paid $3 and drive 20 mins to someone’s house anyways.
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Nice side job

Good side job, make decent money as long as you work a decent amount of hours. Work when you want. Make as much money as you want pretty easy and fun
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You can work as much as you want, when you want

They do a background check apon applying, pick up orders at restaurants, pick up grocery orders from Walmart, do shopping orders. The pay is disappointing. Some restaurants try to get you to make drinks and that is not a dashers job, made many of phone calls to door dash to let them know that this is going on. This gig is a good side job, but watch the low paying orders.
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Low Pay, Flexible Hours

Working at doordash is fairly relaxed, there are no hour obligations, but the pay is very low in today's economy, as even with the gas prices being over double what they were last year, they do not pay a single Cent more than they did last year.
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Flexible work schedule

I enjoy the freedom to drive when I want and getting to explore different restaurants. Only downside is very high gas prices right now. Other than that very nice job
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Your time is very flexible

The hourly pay is around $10/hour not the $20/hour as advertised. The money is closer to the advertised rate when everything is running well. The app is great but too often something makes you wait. Usually it's the store being too busy to handle all the orders promptly. Those delays make the hourly wage closer to 10 than 20 per hour.
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inconsistent and frustrating

entitled low to no tipping customers and ESL support are frustrating to deal with and pay is not keeping up with rising expenses. ignore the acceptance rating whatever they tell you and only take the good paying orders if you want to profit
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Be your own boss

Driving for doordash can be a fun experience. You can pick which orders you want to take and the company works hard to make sure drivers are happy human beings. The pay is 'feast or starvation' since most of your pay comes from tips you get for each delivery. On good nights you can make 250 bucks but on bad ones you might pull in less than a hundred. I would only recommend this job for someone who needs extra money since pay isn't always on the high end.


Choose your own work hours


Driving your own car for many miles
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its alright

good for extra side money. Avoid fast food places that arent McDonalds. Gps can be confusing but most of the time it is spot on. Tips can sometimes be too little for the required distance and if you decline, your acceptance rating goes down by a bit.
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decent money on your own time

very nice that you choose your hours, however BE CAREFUL - you are likely not covered by your auto insurance while Doordashing. This is the reason i had to stop doing it, not worth the risk. If you are able to get past that though, it is a great gig
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The ability to make my own schedule

This is ideal for me as I am able to schedule around doctors visits, my daughters school activities, and if I want to take some days off for a vacation. I don't have to put in a request to be approved for it. No boss, No time-clock, No co-workers. The only problems I have encountered are having issues with the app a few times within a year and a half. The support from Doordash was amazing and helped me find a solution immediately to get me back on track.They also offer discounts on oil changes and any repairs needed on your vehicle. I couldn't ask for a better company to work for.


Your own boss


Mileage on Vehicle
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Work is always available

I enjoy picking orders up and making sure they are properly delivered to the correct address. Exact instructions are always available. Support is good
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Easy delivery job

You can start or stop working whenever you want and there are always orders needing to be delivered however you’ll receive like four dollars for thirty minutes of driving and with the gas prices being what they are you’re losing a lot of money every time you do it.
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Flexible schedule, I liked that I was always able to work whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted. No micromanagement which is always a plus. Wasn’t as stressful job
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