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In 1971 two brothers, Bruno and Sergio, moved to London. Coming from Italy, they were disappointed with the coffee they tasted. ‘Why are you settling for mediocre?’ they asked. And the Costa dream was born. From tiny beans, great big Mochas grow, and for 10 consecutive years, we were voted the UK’s favourite coffee shop. Since being bought by The Coca – 

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Costa Drive Thru Store

Culture & Values

Costa is all about coffee and we get a kick out of serving the best we can. We keep things simple and inclusive so there’s no pretension, no elitism and very few dos and don’ts. Maybe it’s because we’re coffee people, but we really value a feeling of warmth in our teams and in our communities. We encourage trust, and empower our people to feel supported and make their own decisions. And we love a can-do attitude, boldness and the courage to create positive change.

Costa Coffee

Some companies spout this kind of froth but don’t back it up in their actions, but at Costa Coffee we’re genuine. We really mean what we say, and we’re committed to our people, our customers and our growth plans. If aliens landed on Earth and ended up in Costa Coffee for a day, we’d expect them to say that we have fun, we look forward, we act fast, we respect other people and we love a good bit of tech! And that our lattes are out of this world, of course!


We're the UK's favourite, with 2,400+ stores (UK), 1,400+ stores internationally and 8,000+ Costa Express machines. In the UK, Costa is synonymous with coffee; further afield we’re also packing a punch. Since being acquired by The Coca Cola Company on 3rd Jan19, the doors to global growth are open. Our vision for the future: to be the world’s most loved coffee brand. Whether it’s through our stores, our Express machines, or the beans we sell, we have big growth plans.