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Cooper Standard, headquartered in Northville, Mich. USA, is a leading global supplier of systems and components for the automotive industry. Products include rubber and plastic sealing, fuel and brake lines and fluid transfer hoses. Cooper Standard employs more than 24, 000 people globally and operates in 21 countries around the world. Cooper Standard – 
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Our Journey

More Than 50 Years of Automotive Excellence and Innovation Cooper Standard has a long tradition of providing customers with the highest quality and most innovative solutions in sealing systems, fuel and brake delivery systems, fluid transfer systems and anti-vibration systems. We continue to drive value through successful relationships with our customers, our world-class operations across our expanding global footprint and our commitment to innovation within our entire business.

Why CS?

What Sets Us Apart Driving Value through Culture, Innovation and Results Cooper Standard is a leading global automotive supplier, offering solutions in sealing, fuel and brake delivery and fluid transfer systems. With a clear, Profitable Growth Strategy and a strong commitment to investing in our employees, innovation and infrastructure, Cooper Standard anticipates its rapid growth in key markets around the world to continue. Working as a partner to our customers, Cooper Standard is committed to solving specific engineering challenges or developing customized systems that meet our customers’ exact specifications through: - Integrated Solutions - Global Resources - Operational Excellence - Our People - Key Facts For those who want to work in an environment where they can contribute ideas and talents, can align their personal development goals with Company goals and have an input on the Company, products and communities we serve, Cooper Standard’s may be just the place for your passion. Innovation To truly create something new that solves a problem and provides value, you must set different rules and create a separate pathway to success. That belief is essential to our i³ Process, which has enabled Cooper Standard to Imagine, Initiate and Innovate in areas of the automobile that haven’t been touched in 30, 40, sometimes 50 years. Inspired by some of the world’s most innovative companies and fueled by a diverse culture of collaboration that draws ideas from every corner of the business and beyond, Cooper Standard continually creates new value in everything we do. Vision, Mission and Values Cooper Standard is innovating in place where you’d least expect it. We have a clear vision to drive for profitable growth and expand our leadership position in the global automotive industry by creating innovative solutions and long-term value for our stakeholders. Global Business Cooper Standard continues to thrive in today's evolving automotive market. Our products are consistently on the top-selling global platforms and we continue to expand our footprint as we win new business in the global automotive market. Community Involvement Involvement takes heart. Cooper Standard's community initiatives reach far beyond providing financial assistance and we’re dedicated to supporting the community by donating our time and expertise to special causes. The Cooper Standard Foundation, established April 1, 2013 to strengthen the communities where Cooper Standard employees work and live, is our conduit for partnership and contribution to more than 100 organizations in 18 countries. To inspire and excite students about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers, Cooper Standard launched its STEM Accelerator program in 2015. The programs provide the basis for volunteer training and educational STEM materials, while inspiring students with real life innovations, making challenging concepts easier to understand and sharing exciting job opportunities available through the pursuit of STEM education. To provide career opportunities for military veterans and those transitioning from active service, the Company created the 'Careers for Veterans' program in 2014. Since its inception, the program has created a number of Veteran-focused programs and initiatives, including the internal “Salutes” program to help veterans connect and thrive inside and outside of the Company.

Great Place!

At Cooper Standard, we know that our people are the key to success. Our Global Leadership Team has developed a clear, vision that drives value through culture, innovation and results, but it’s our employees who are driving this strategy and determining the success of the company. Our people have a relentless focus on our customers and drive innovation in all areas of the business. Because we’re passionate about our people, we’re creating an environment that supports employees’ career and leadership growth, where safety is everyone’s job and one where we can build strong bonds with each other through open communication and collaboration. Our commitment to building a great place to work for current and future employees includes: - Offering employees multiple avenues for professional development and growth - A constant and unwavering commitment to safety through our Total Safety Culture - Clearly defining what leadership means at Cooper Standard and teaching employees how to strengthen their leadership capabilities - Supporting the local communities where we live and work, as well as the next-generation workforce, through the Cooper Standard Foundation - Living our core values on a daily basis - Listening to global employees’ feedback and taking actions that perpetuate a positive “vibe” and engaged teams in all facilities

Life at Work

For those who want to work in an environment where they can contribute ideas and talents, can align their personal development goals with Company goals and have an input on the Company, products and communities we serve, Cooper Standard’s may be just the place for your passion. Cooper Standard employs approximately 24,000 employees across 21 countries and is committed to recruiting and retaining top talent. We actively work with our employees to further develop their skill set throughout their career at Cooper Standard. Our Culture Cooper Standard is dedicated to driving value through culture, innovation and results. We maintain a clearly defined culture as a solutions provider to our customers and a reliable partner to our communities with two-way communication as a top priority. Our leadership team keeps connected with our global workforce through employee webcasts, frequent update announcements and on-going employee feedback mechanisms. We have a common global portal to help facilitate communications and team building, and allows employees to post questions directly to the leadership team. Our employees have the opportunity to interact with their colleagues from many different cultures and backgrounds, adding to the rich diversity that makes up our company. Rewards and Benefits Cooper Standard offers competitive compensation and benefits packages. We regularly analyze how our total compensation package compares to the marketplace in the regions we operate in throughout the world. Career Enrichment At Cooper Standard, we believe that our employees are what set us apart from our competition. We take great pride in our employees and consider their ongoing development very seriously. Global Career Framework Cooper Standard uses a Global Career Framework to ensure we maintain a consistent approach when we share job information. By understanding each job in the Company and treating the jobs consistently (while recognizing local and regional differences), we can provide competitive, market-based rewards that recognize employees through systems that link rewards to performance. Our employees use the Global Career Framework to set short- and long-term career goals that align with their skills and interests. Developing Your Career Our Global Talent Management System provides employees with the processes, tools and resources to learn and grow in their career with us. Our processes are designed to focus on results and build on employees' capabilities within our Leadership Competency Model to maximize their career growth. Cooper Standard's Global Talent Review Process provides regular insight into the knowledge, skills and abilities across the organization, and is our vehicle for preparing future talent through the assignment of jobs and targeted development actions. At Cooper Standard, we invest in your development, provide access to experienced colleagues from around the world and give you the opportunity to work with intelligent, dedicated people so you can continuously challenge yourself and grow. Diversity And with approximately 24,000 employees spanning 21 countries around the world, our culture embraces our employees’ unique backgrounds and encourages differing perspectives to help create a truly global workforce. The Cooper Standard team reflects the customers that we serve around the world, helping foster the working partnerships that allow them to do their job most efficiently and effectively. We not only support minority partnerships within our own company, but encourage larger corporations to partner with minority businesses to help create a broader pool of qualified business partners.


Accelerate YOUR Career with Cooper Standard’s Student Internship and College Graduate Programs! For talented students or recent graduates (Bachelor or Master's degree), who have a PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE and the desire to be part of a growing global company, exciting careers can be found at Cooper Standard! On the technical front, our teams actively imagine and innovate skip-generation technologies in sealing and trim, fuel and brake delivery, fluid transfer and anti-vibration systems product groups—all aimed at enhancing vehicle performance. Across the organization, we actively promote employees into broader positions and encourage participation in challenging global projects that strengthen leadership and technical skills. Even as we work hard to achieve our business goals, Cooper Standard teams take the time to support a wide-range of communities and charities around the world. Go as far as your determination, creativity and PASSION will take you! Explore our Student and College Programs. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Turbo-charge your career with one of our highly engaging internship opportunities! Whether developing business processes or designing a new product, interns at Cooper Standard learn about the organization while gaining valuable experience doing specialized projects and participating in community events. CO-OP OPPORTUNITIES Cooper Standard works with select universities who offer a formal Co-op program which provides an innovative approach to product and program development. Led by their mentors and experienced team members, Co-ops will supplement their academic curriculum by developing their abilities to learn new processes, troubleshoot and resolve issues, be a team player and understand how to interact with our customers. Co-op opportunities are an excellent way for Cooper Standard, and the students, to work together to provide an innovative approach to product and program development. COLLEGE GRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES College graduates (Bachelor or Master's Degrees) can participate in entry-level Associate positions or Accelerated Development Program positions within Cooper Standard in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Engineering, Information Technology and Purchasing. Our Associate level programs develop high-performing participants by providing them with a semi-structured approach to build the skills and experiences needed to develop their careers within Cooper Standard. Our Accelerated Development Programs are dynamic and challenging rotational programs designed for new college graduates who are who are able to be geographically mobile and who are targeting a multi-year commitment to train within a core functional area.

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