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Incredible people & culture

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The analytics practice where I sat was an incredibly close knit community and the culture was incredible. Actual data projects are limited which is why a lot of people leave but they are selling more data work than previously so hopefully this will continue.


Social community, friendly and supportive, good L&D opportunities


Lack of data projects
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Working From Home

Benefits like WFH is there if your manager sits in US. Not much of stress, work life balance is decent, good for freshers and experienced both. Overall good.
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Good to work here

Best company to balance work and life. The team is very collaborative and easy to work with. Except for salary, everything is great here Management is easy to reach out to. Projects which have your interest can be persuaded by you as the floor is open to any technology if projects are available.
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La vie au cabinet

Beaucoup d'évènements sont organisés pour que les consultants échangent et se recontrent.
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Great people!

Had many fun projects and enjoyed time with everyone. Clients came and went and there was some down time. I wish everyone the best of luck there what ever the future will hold.
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Poor communication, never knew what was going on

Communication was unclear from the top down. Unsure of what was going on. I can't imagine how staff consultants felt. A rosey picture was often painted out to the masses and the sky was falling at all leadership meetings. Never made any sense. All numbers were constantly manipulated before they were shown so it was impossible to tell what systems were the systems of truth.
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Productive and excellent learning experience

Productive and excellent learning experience. Gives you lot of opportunities to try out your ideas and work collaboratively with other team mates. Excellent work life balance too,
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Amazing place to work

This was an awesome internship for me. I worked at the helped desk, and got to meet tons of cool people that helped me with my career. They also taught me how to fix hardware on computers and install software onto them.
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Good people, work depends on the practice

Capgemini Invent provided the opportunity to do meaningful work if you were lucky enough to be staffed on a good project. You should pick your practice based on how strong you think the leadership is because if they do not sell anything interesting you will not have interesting work and if they do not sell at all, you will be wasting your time on the bench until you are let go.
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Good Work Life Balance and Scope to Learn

Good Work Life balance and there is a lot of scope to learning as far as consulting is concerned. The team and the company is very employee friendly
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Vibrant workplace

Good work life balance, nice people, but not somewhere worth staying long term in my opinion. There is not a lot of room for growth, and often the consultancy side lacks senior management.
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