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Działalność Business Bridge Group Sp. z o.o. opiera się na następujących filarach: rekrutacja pracowników, szkolenia dla firm, organizacja eventów i wynajem sal we Wrocławiu. Już od 2008 roku obsługujemy firmy z terenu całej Polski ale również w innych krajach Unii Eurpejskiej tj. Anglia, Irlandia, Włochy, Niemcy, Norwegia itp. Dzięki wieloletniemu – więcej... doświadczeniu w tych obszarach kompleksowo patrzymy na cały proces budowania relacji pomiędzy pracownikiem, a pracodawcą.

English version:

Our area of expertise is professional business training and corporate retreats and events. We have worked in Wroclaw for a long time now and it is here we have built our repute although we are open and have successfully provided services to other businesses in other parts of Poland.

Our rich experience allows us to organise unforgettable corporate bonding retreats that are crucial as team building milestones for our clients. The participants of such events learn how to more efficiently cooperate, they get to know one another better, and develop their social skills to a higher level. Moreover, corporate events raise the staff morale and cause them to identify with the company they work for. This allows increasing work efficiency and thus also the profits in every company.

Since organising corporate events is our true passion we approach all projects on individual basis with a high commitment. Due to this we precisely diagnose every client’s needs and we meet them by providing a perfectly matched solution.

Despite the fact that organising corporate events is one of our basic business activities it does not exhaust the rich offer of services provided by Business Bridge Group Sp. z o.o. Our offer includes preparation and conducting various business training lectures and workshops enhancing our clients’ staff professional and personal skills. According to our company motto we believe that raising staff qualifications should be a properly planned process and not a single approach event.

You are welcome to get acquainted in detail with our services for the business client.
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