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Lear Corporation is a leading global Tier 1 automotive supplier that serves all of the world’s major automakers with content on more than 400 vehicle nameplates worldwide. Lear is one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive seating and E-Systems. Lear provides complete seating systems and components, as well as both traditional and high voltage/high – więcej... 

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A Global Leader in Automotive Seating & Electrical Systems.
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  • #ThisIsLear
A Global Leader in Automotive Seating & Electrical Systems.
#learcorp #LearCorporation #Manufacturing #AutomotiveDaily #AutomotiveTech #CarLife #ThisIsLear
  • Beginning at Lear as an industrial engineer, Daniela saw her career continue to grow as an operations manager and later she was promoted to plant manager. Daniela observes that the metals business is very specific and it isn’t possible to have all processes automated. The team must utilize the continuous improvement process and look for innovation every day. “It is very important for us to develop employees because the company is just as strong as its human potential can develop. We are very proud of our employees as they are actively involved and are interested in new technologies. I am very grateful for their commitment. I am also very pleased that our staff actively support the various community or charity projects.“ #FacesofLear
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  • This past Thursday in Coventry, UK, Lear supported the Careers Fair at @WMGAcademyCov, where a team of Lear Young Professionals encouraged local students to consider Lear Corporation and Engineering as future career choices. Students learned first-hand about the many different roles at Lear, and took part in a small engineering sewing challenge.
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21557 Telegraph Rd.
Southfield MI, United States 48033
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